Thursday, June 2, 2016

An unholy roller...

Of all the thanks I owe to being able to do this sport I love, there is none greater than Jesus Christ.

Uh oh, some say, a holy roller (get it? - pun intended). I am far from holy. I was born a sinner, was forgiven by Christ for my sins, as a sinner, and will remain a sinner until the day I am promoted out of this life on earth. I am no better than anyone reading this. I will never claim to be. The only claim that I make is that Jesus Christ is real and personal, and I am forgiven.

I have the same struggles in life as anyone else - balancing the demands of this life with those of eternity. I feel humbled and honored to lean on the things I believe to be true.

I get that some people reading this will go "right on", others will be skeptical, and maybe some have never even thought about it. Here's what I won't do: I won't argue God with anyone. To me it is a pointless exercise. If you are interested we can talk about it. If not, we'll talk about riding bicycles. What I will do is pray for your safety as we embark on adventures together, seek His will, and keep pedaling.

Some of you might stop reading right here. That's your choice, and not mine, to make. I might reference my Christianity from time to time, but I will never judge anyone. And it won't be the theme of my blog, though it is my guiding belief system. I know that I am no better than anyone on this earth. I respect your opinions and beliefs even if I don't agree with them, and expect the same in return. As Old Crow Medicine Show sings, "we're all in this together". If I can help anyone in some way, I will.

Happy trails!