Wednesday, August 3, 2016


There are many things and people I am thankful for in my personal pursuits. There are so many people that if I start naming more than a handful I will begin hurting feelings. It's not that I don't remember and feel thankful for everyone, it's just one person would get left off some written list on a blog, and be hurt. I totally understand that, so please understand why this post has a small number of people.

I'll start with the one person that would perfectly fine if I left her off, and will probably get mad when this goes public. She really has no desire to be in any spotlight, but I have to tell you what a wonderful girl I found when I was 16 years old. That's right - our first date was the day I turned 17, and we have been together ever since. That was almost 33 years ago as of this writing, and we've been married 27 years of that. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. Too many people take it lightly these days. And sometimes it just falls apart. I get it. We're not special or immune to the difficulties of marriage, and Lord knows I've been the cause of most of the hardest parts.

But Geneath, (affectionately called Neath by just about everyone close to her - it started with kids that couldn't pronounce her name) has been supportive of all my life pursuits, and this one might be the most difficult of all. She has been very patient so far with all of this even though I am gone and in the middle of the woods alone - she worries with me riding alone, but its hard to find someone that likes to go spend a full day or even two days on a bike. Anyway, she makes our household tick, and I admire her selfless way she tries to impact family and friends life in some positive way with running errands or cooking meals or just being around. She also likes to mow, bushhog, use her 12" bar Stihl chainsaw, and looking after our small herd of cows. I think I'll keep her. She is wonderful, and I love her.

Secondly, both of us are only children, and not spoiled a bit. OK, everyone says I'm spoiled but they don't say it about her. Hunter is our only child, and he has been a blessing his whole life. He and I have always been close, and from the time he was 12 to 20, as a family we were running all over the country racing dirt bikes. He was a national pro for a couple of years and loves it. Still does. But that is not why we are so proud of him. He has always been able to talk to people of all ages, since he was very young. At age 20 he bought his own trash disposal business, and with great natural marketing, customer service, and social media skills. And that is not why we are proud of him. We are proud of him because he is a responsible, productive, caring, relationship-building young man. We all tell each other we love each other on a regular basis, and that's good enough for me.

So that's it except for saying it is a short post, but there are literally dozens if not hundreds of people I could tell you about that have provided love, friendship, support, caring, and so on in our extended family. Good friends, good church friends, people I work with, and the dirty bunch of people I ride with and hang out with at Bear Creek Bikes and other places. Most of them don't smell good are not good-looking, but clean up OK about once a week. Hey, we're Appalachian Americans, and proud of it!

Happy trails! Honcho